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  • Tailored questions for salesperson, broker and managing broker exams (including simulations)
  • Video content directly tied to each question
  • In-depth explanations for correct and incorrect answers
  • Question categories directly correspond to testing service categories (PSI, Pearson VUE, AMP)
  • Unlimited practice exams contain exact number of questions you will see on the actual exam
  • Questions continually updated

ExamSmart is the answer to all your real estate exam questions. Our comprehensive study material is geared toward one thing: helping you pass the test the first time. We provide practice questions, in-depth explanations, unlimited practice exams, and easy-to-watch video content all backed by 35 years of real estate education experience.

Each practice question has a corresponding video explaining key concepts.

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Practice Questions

  • With ExamSmart, you get approximately 400 - 500 real estate exam practice questions to help you pass the exam on the first try.
  • What makes us different? We are the only real estate exam prep course that provides explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.
  • You’ll understand the rationale behind each answer, which is the key to passing the exam.
  • We prepare you for the national portion of the Pearson Vue, PSI or AMP versions of the real estate exam.
  • In addition, we have 25 sample simulations to help prepare you for the PSI and AMP simulation exam as well as State Law questions for a growing number of states.
  • Brad Barker, who has over 35 years of real estate education experience, writes all of our original material. The practice questions are frequently updated to maintain relevance and similarity to the current version of the exam.
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Practice Exams

  • When you finish an exam, you will receive a detailed score report which shows results by exam category.
  • We have an unlimited supply of practice exams, which give you immediate feedback on all questions and answers.
  • Your scores are recorded in the history section enabling you to track your progress.
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Exam Prep Videos

  • You get over 65 videos that cover the National real estate exam topics, including an entire Math series.
  • Our videos are integrated with each practice question, giving you the most immersive study experience on the market.
  • The videos can also be accessed as a stand-alone study tool.
  • All major exam topics are covered in a concise, engaging format to help you retain the most important information.
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Flash Cards

  • You get flash cards to help you review over 400 real estate terms.
  • Understanding the definitions of these terms is the foundation you need to be successful in passing the exam.
  • The flash cards are organized by topic and cover all exam categories.
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Personalized Assistance

We’re always here to help if you have any questions regarding our real estate exam study material. Send an email with your question to and a real estate instructor will email you back with assistance.

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You get an alphabetical glossary of over 400 real estate exam terms. Easily view any term that you need help understanding.
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