Some of our more frequently asked questions


How long is the program good for?

The ExamSmart subscription is good for one year.

How many questions are there in the ExamSmart program?

There are 400 – 500 questions. For those students taking a simulation exam, there are 25 sample simulations.

Do you have questions for both the national and state law sections of the exam for all the states?

ExamSmart covers the national portion for all 50 states. Currently, we have state law questions for the following states only: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.

Can I use the program on multiple devices?

Yes, our Online version of ExamSmart can be used on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, other tablets and smart phones. You can log in on any device with Internet access. ExamSmart is compatible with all browsers – Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Is ExamSmart compatible with Mac?

Yes, our Online version works on Mac, in both Safari and Chrome browsers.

If I don’t understand a question, can I get help?

We are available by email for help with any of our question material. If you need more explanation or clarification, just send an email to us.

Is there an app for ExamSmart?

No, we don’t have an app. Our Online version is compatible with all Internet devices.

If I need to get ExamSmart for another state, can I switch states in my account?

Since each state is sold separately, you would need to set up a new account to purchase for another state.